We build homes - with confidence,

strength, and human values.

We build homes -

with confidence,

strength, and

human values.

Our goal is to build quality homes that last a lifetime and more. Homes that will be your family’s sanctuary, that are the foundation of happy and supportive communities, and that collect soul as they age.


Over our careers, our team members have been involved in creating a variety of projects for the communities that surround them: condominium homes, townhouses, resorts, hospitals — even an airport. Our experience in development, construction, and engineering, combined with our partnerships with over 30 architectural and engineering firms, drive the projects we undertake and guarantee an exceptional level of quality and expertise in residential home building.

As our founders have gathered insights over the 80 years of our combined experience, we’ve come to learn how we want to do business:

  • We build homes with confidence, strength, and human values.
  • We are protective of our customers: we say what we mean. We do what we say.
  • We do business in a way our children can be proud of: with integrity.

What more can we do? It’s our guiding question every day. For AREVA LIVING, that means asking ourselves continuously: how can we innovate and enhance our practices? How can we keep improving everything we do? How can we make the experience of buying and living in an AREVA home an excellent experience for everyone involved?

We listen carefully to the answers, we challenge our practices, we work with many others to make things as good as they can be.

We hope you will notice the results in the numerous small and big things that, altogether, make our homes different.

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Because a home is about more than the four walls, it’s about the human lives lived within

First & Royal

New Westminster

Heritage revitalization and development of two 6-storey, amenity rich, wood-frame condo buildings in Downtown New Westminster.



We’ve made it just for you. For a lifetime.
Come build with us.

1515 Rupert

North Vancouver

Live the North Shore Dream

It’s your chance to purchase a beautifully designed energy efficient home in Lynn Creek – for those who can see it, the future lives here.

An intimate collection of intelligently designed 3 + 4 bedroom townhomes